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Nginx – IP based access control


Introduction Nginx comes with a nifty module that allows us to allow or deny access to directories served by the webserver. The module is named ngx_http_access_module to allow or deny access to IP address. The syntax can look as follows:…

Java Security Settings


Introduction With the latest Java updates the security settings has been set at a higher level by default and there are many websites that now experience problems with some older Java applets that no longer works. This is a common…

Debian – See all SSH login attempts


Guess I’m not the only one who have a lot of unauthorized login attempts via SSH on my Linux servers. With a simple command, you can watch failed or successful login attempts in /var/log/auth.log. #As root or via sudo, type…

Easy add IP to be blocked by iptables


A question was asked over at on how to add ip addresses to iptables from a textfile. AnthonySmith found a simple but still effective way to solve this. The entry that were discussed was

Let’s break it all…