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Install VestaCP , Alternative to Virtualmin


VestaCP is another control panel for your VPS , It’s lightweight and user friendly to handle.  Minimum requirements are CPU: 768Mhz Ram: 512M HDD: 20Gb OS: RHEL/CentOS 5,6 Features in VestaCP Web Server DNS server Database Server Mail Server FTP Server…

How to Setup ownCloud on Ubuntu


ownCloud is a simple tool to manage your data on your VPS. We all have used Dropbox , Box or Mediafire to store and share our data with our friends, family and with our colleagues. But they all have storage…

MySQLTuner : Suggestions for optimizing your MySQL installation

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MySQLTuner is a script that will assess MySQL performance and recommend steps to maximize performance. To install and run MySQLTuner, log in to your VPS as the root user and follow these steps (for CentOS): Download MySQLTuner:

make it…

WordPress: Reset forgotten password


When installing and running multiple WordPress blogs it is easy to forget the password for one of the accounts used. You are using different login names and passwords for each account now are you? This has happened to me more…

Detecting Current Version of MySQL Server

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A popular question when troubleshooting database issues is what version of mySQL is installed and used? You can find this information by running a simple command on the mySQL server. Connect to your MySQL engine with your favorite client,  why…

Basic MySQL commands explained

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Many of us use mySQL on our dedicated and virtual servers but not everyone knows more then that it’s a database server. This guide will cover some of the basic tasks that you can do from your SSH terminal and…