Category: Contest 2013/2024

Skype Bot


¬†Winner of the 2013/2014 Teach something, Win something is Zander who is active on the Lowendspirit forums and did a writeup on his skype bot setup on one of the Lowendspirit boxes. Happy reading! OS: Ubuntu 12.04 64Bit First of…

Writing your own Nagios plugin in PHP


In second place in the 2013/2014 Teach something, Win something contest we find Maarten Kossen, administrator of His guide on creating a Nagios plugin in PHP is a follow up on a series of Nagios tutorials Maarten wrote on…

Transparent Proxy Browsing with Squid3


3rd place in the Teach something, Win something contest¬† goes to Mark Mearns for his SQUID installation script. Mark took 3rd place because of the simplicity he created with this script which will make a great addition in the script…